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Muscle Strain - When You are more than Simply Sore

As the warmer weather emerges, people tend to start taking up physical activity to look fit in summer, whether they choose going to the gym or just running at the park. Some of these people are responsible – they start slowly, do all of their warm-ups and stretching – and others not so much. Whether…

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Preventing Alzheimer's with Coffee

Strange as it might sound, caffeine may hold the key to preventing Alzheimer’s disease. There is a reason to believe that beta amyloid plaque buildup (an attribute of Alzheimer’s) can be reduced by taking caffeine.


This isn’t the first time medical experts have suggested that caffeine…

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What Your Metabolism does and Why it doesn’t actually Affect Your Weight

“Metabolism” is a word that people tend to throw around, but aside from those who are doctors or fitness experts, seldom really understand.


The general belief is that the metabolism is responsible for spending energy and burning…

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Children’s vulnerability to burns

Physicians possess unpleasant statistics: more than 30% of those who get thermal burns are children. Moreover, half of them are under age 4. Children are especially prone to burns, and the smaller the child is the more vulnerable he or she is…

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