Suhagra User Reviews

Previously I only heard about Viagra, and it has a bunch of side effects. I stopped at Suhagra. Very soft and a bit works longer than Viagra I have long been looking for Suhagra in pharmacies of my small city, only learned later that he was not for sale. I took here on trial 60 packs - quite enough half a tablet. At least for me. I recommend Suhagra to everyone.

Jerry, Washington


On the advice of a friend I bought generic Sildenafil 10mg called Suhagra. Just a stone riser, I did not expect such a way :) I can say for sure that Suhagra operates faster than declared in the leaflet 50 minutes. Within 20 minutes I had an effect – hard-on.

Peter, New York


Among all Sildenafil pills I like generic called Suhagra. It acts faster than Viagra but costs 4 times lower! The most important advice from a person who uses Suhagra for 3 years – do not take it with fat food because it is bad for the efficiency of pills

Nick, Chicago


I've heard about Suhagra from my colleague, I decided to try and buy it online, though there were different options of generic Sildenafil pills. Preparation works as promised - it's the same as Viagra but cheaper. But with Suhagra I still need a lot of time to come – Viagra worked faster for me. But I have received more than two tabs in a package for free. Suhagra is a great replacement of Viagra.

Den, Austin


I was very pleased with the wide selection of generic Sildenafil drugs from India. Suhagra is the best I've tried of all generics, always just buy them before having sex.

Michael, Columbus


Well, I must say that my hubby liked Viagra but it turned out that it is too expensive for regular use. We decided to order one of Indian Sildenafil generics – Suhagra. My emotions- the same effect, less money. Hubby says that he feels no side effects from Suhagra. That is why we use generic Sildenafil instead of more expensive brand Viagra.

Dorothy, Detroit


There was a need for drugs to improve the quality of erection ... I thought of the gym, there college friend advised trying Suhagra instead of expensive Viagra. The result I am very satisfied, but the most important thing Suhagra satisfied my woman, if you know what I mean.

Larry, Kansas


I bought a small sample first package, I noticed that Suhagra is not an American and made in India. In support explained that sell generic versions, with the same composition as Viagra, but the Indian production. The differences between Suhagra and brand Sildenafil (Viagra) were not noticed.

Rob C., Memphis


The first order was a test set. The order with Suhagra came quickly enough - 4 days on delivery. There were doubts about the quality of forgeries and very afraid. But after all the tests have been doubts, it turned out good quality drugs and their action is quite similar to the description. But the preference made Viagra. This is my 3rd order. Suhagra doesn’t cost a lot, free shipping to Missouri if paid via the bank account. This cheap drug is rare, but the buzz and gaining confidence! The girlfriend loved it. In general, I was not disappointed with Suhagra, Have plan to order other Sildenafil pills from online drugstore.

Mikey, Louisville